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Hey! I'm Mohammad S. Jaber from Jordan. A semi-introvert who used to spend his time learning things. Started 10 years ago, till now, to infinity and beyond. Early curiosity has given me a good opportunity to dive into many disciplines and learn variety of things. Now I enjoy dedicating everything I've learned into building digital products.

Love to work?

I'm an interdisciplinary product developer – I can help building your digital products through the following services:

  • Product Development

    - Planning and shaping up your idea
    - Buildling up the technical stack
  • Back-end Development with Laravel / Node.js

  • Front-end Development

    - Turn UI design into crafted HTML and CSS
    - Fully interactive UI components with pure JS / Vue.js

Love to talk?

Here are some the topics I'm curious about. If your circles intersect with mine (or even if not) - it’s a pleasure to talk:

Circles of Interest

  • Writing

    The abstract act of wording your thinking and its consequences on shaping and generation thoughts.

  • Mathematics

    The interest does not include solving mathematical equations. Much more into the philosophy of math and its mental models.

  • System Dynamics

    We live in complex interconnected dynamic systems. Everything is affected by multi-variables parameters. I try understand the dynamic behaviour of the events in pure mathematical curves and equations.

  • Ideas Generation

    A childish wander: could we have control over the generated ideas? If not, what causes a good idea to spark?

  • Product Developemnt

    As a matter of profession, where many of the previous interests could be intersected with, and practically applied in. From discovering the product's concepts and features, up to actual work process to the production.